Maritime News Coverage

Bringing news to the masses, global publications cover the rich, evolving history of the Maritime trade for more than 150 years.  In 1873, the New York Times announced the Maritime Association’s opening, sparking optimism about New York’s sea-based trading.

The paper was not alone in its early coverage. In the 1860s, the Merchants Exchange & News Association (MENA) followed the industry closely, distributing information about traffic and tracking the traveling positions of the ships. Major media players plunged into covering the busy maritime industry, recognizing its newsworthiness.


Maritime Association founders ensured accurate and timely news distribution. By 1890, Western Union purchased a telegraph news exchange company, MENA, founded in 1874, from a company that acquired the exchange in 1878. From ship sales and auctions to government regulations, all maritime information is posted to the exchange.

As the technology evolved, so did the way maritime news was delivered, incorporating radio and computer-aided distribution. Early and consistent news distribution helped New York’s maritime businesses to thrive, making it one of the leading global trade centers.

During World War I, New York ports were a major hub for supplies and troop travel. By World War II, MENA convened a committee to address the port’s congestion.

The committee effectively developed a system, which efficiently routes millions of tons of cargo. In 1944, MENA partnered with the Navy to protect ships from damage. At the time, more vessels traveled through New York than any port in history.

MENA plays a vital role in keeping the public informed about port activities. Today, staff members work diligently to keep news outlets and stakeholders informed about traffic, changes, charges, quarantine information, and evolving laws.

International conventions draw industry leaders together to exchange information and address concerns about global maritime trade.

By partnering with trade publications, print magazines, and online distribution channels, the Association ensures the timely distribution of information, which has been the trademark of the Merchant Exchange’s vibrant success in guiding the growth of maritime commerce.