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The Maritime Matrix provides the updated news and information about the maritime trade industry. Since the 1800s, trade has grown exponentially, bringing goods across the globe by sea.

There are major industry players who control and guide the growing market by distributing news, convening summits, and lobbying lawmakers to ensure that the industry thrives. We’re here to keep you informed about news, updates, and evolving laws, which influence the way vessels pick up and deliver goods by sea.


Major trade groups influence the way seafaring vessels travel across the globe. Check out our in-depth review of Maritime Associations, which work collaboratively with educational institutions, government agencies, and corporations to promote best practices in the industry.

Stay informed about upcoming conferences and events. We’ll keep you up to date on what industry leaders are planning, such as research and development to build zero-carbon vessels!

News Coverage

From historical overviews to modern-day technology for the industry, our website covers the maritime trading news. Find information about the pandemic’s impact on trade and how fleet losses affect the global prices of goods.

Also, the UN is working with partners to increase female participation in seafarer and oceanic careers. Keeping track of maritime commerce is easier than ever. Check back often to stay informed.


It’s an evolving industry, and leaders are facing challenges head-on. Pandemic shutdowns curbed global trade in 2020, but commerce is picking up in 2021. Piracy and losses are impacting the pricing of goods, affecting global consumers.

The industry is up for the challenge. Flip through our in-depth articles to read about interesting topics designed to educate industry professionals and the public.


The only way to track the maritime industry’s impact on global trade is to look at the data. Our website blogs and articles detail the global impact of maritime commerce on the delivery of goods to consumers.

Whether you are an industry professional or a maritime newbie, this website keeps readers informed. From industry conferences to new initiatives impacting consumer goods, visitors are sure to find something of interest.